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Life Is Fair (2016)

Book One

Five years ago, Nora Kaye caught her husband, Vincent, with another woman. It was an act of betrayal so grave it sent Nora running from her brief marriage to the charming rock ‘n’ roller. This Thanksgiving weekend, Vincent is back! Knocking on Nora’s door, offering sincere apologies, and begging for another chance.

It has been exactly one year since Nora ruined the big feast. At least, that is how her overbearing mother, Isobel, saw it. Instead of apologizing for her behavior, Nora stormed out of her childhood home, planning to never return. But when Nora’s sister, Delia, calls to invite her to this year’s family celebration and later asks Nora to help care for their ailing mother, Nora reluctantly agrees.

The people Nora once thought were gone forever are back, forcing Nora to reevaluate the most important relationships in her life. Will she once again run from her problems, or will she finally deal with her past so she can move forward and find happiness?


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Road Rash

Book Two

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A Ruby-Colored Life

Book Three

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A Life Extraordinary

Book Four

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The Simple Life

Book Five

Coming Soon

Life is not a Fairytale

Book Six

Coming Soon

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