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A Ruby-Colored Life (2023)

Book Two

All Nora has ever wanted was to find love, glorious love,

and to be part of a family that accepts her as she is—a vegan artist who doesn’t fit the norm.


Four years after Life is Fair, Nora’s life is rich with possibilities.

The once-hated, cheating ex-husband is now her best friend and closest confidant.

Her relationship with her distant father has improved.

And with a new man by her side, she is surrounded by her tribe.


But the balance of her newfound, grown-up life is disrupted by a death in the family, her parents' divorce, an unforgettable road trip with a dozen dogs, an unexpected proposal, and an shocking dinner with her relatives.


These twists plant seeds of doubt in Nora’s mind and force her to question if the life she has always dreamed of is indeed the future she truly desires?

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Road Rash (2023)

(a prequel)

Vincent Benavides has a thriving music career with his band, Mystic Asphalt. They just finished a three-month tour, and their highly anticipated second album, Full Throttle, will soon be released. To celebrate their success, Ivan, the band’s bass player, is throwing a massive party with women, booze, and drugs.


But Vincent is falling apart. He’s done with the band, tired of arguing with Ivan, and most of all, he hates the man he sees in the mirror: a man haunted by his unfulfilled dreams and plagued by visions of a fateful night three years ago. Pushed over the edge, he stumbles into the cold night and flees to Birch Creek.


While he tries to find his footing and contemplates his future in music, he also relives the best and worst moments he shared with Nora, the unforgiving woman who still holds his heart.

Now, he must confront the man he’s become, dig deep to find his true passion, and decide which path to take. And he better do it fast because people are counting on him, and Ivan is calling relentlessly, pressuring Vincent to return to the studio to finish Full Throttle.


But can Vincent go back to being the singer of the band he blames for destroying his marriage?


Road Rash is a prequel/companion book to the Life Series.

If you loved Daisy Jones and the Six, you’ll love this wild, bittersweet, and reflective ride with Road Rash.


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Life Is Fair (2016)

Book One

Five years ago, Nora Kaye caught her husband, Vincent, with another woman. It was an act of betrayal so grave it sent Nora running from her brief marriage to the charming rock ‘n’ roller. This Thanksgiving weekend, Vincent is back! Knocking on Nora’s door, offering sincere apologies, and begging for another chance.

It has been exactly one year since Nora ruined the big feast. At least, that is how her overbearing mother, Isobel, saw it. Instead of apologizing for her behavior, Nora stormed out of her childhood home, planning to never return. But when Nora’s sister, Delia, calls to invite her to this year’s family celebration and later asks Nora to help care for their ailing mother, Nora reluctantly agrees.

The people Nora once thought were gone forever are back, forcing Nora to reevaluate the most important relationships in her life. Will she once again run from her problems, or will she finally deal with her past so she can move forward and find happiness?


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