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About Marion Raby


Hi there!
Is there anything in this world better than a great story? A story that sucks you in with an engaging plot, beautiful imaginary scenery, and most of all, rich characters you wish you could get to know in real life.
I think not.
I've wanted to tell stories even as a kid. Before I knew how to write, I loved movies and TV shows. I got sucked in by the actors who brought stories to life and showed me that there was more to life than the small town where I lived. In school, I sat quietly in my seat and pretended to listen to the teachers while I imagined the lives of characters whose stories I wanted to put on paper. I still have my first short story, written with a pencil in a school notebook. The words have faded long ago, which is probably for the best because I didn't know anything about writing back then.
At the age of eighteen, I moved from Austria to California and had to learn a new language. As I acquired basic English skills and my German slowly faded, it felt like I was between languages, and I found writing more difficult. So I put the stories aside and switched to art and painting pretty pictures that told stories with color instead of words. I worked to pay the bills, took art classes in college, married, had children, and time flew by while I was busy living life.
In 2007, I had a strong urge to put words to paper again when I could see the life of a young painter emerge in my mind. I saw her clear as day. She strutted across the screen in my mind with fierce determination, and around her, I saw a cast of characters. The charming ex-husband, abusive mother, absent father, and proper sister. In her story, they would either support her quest for an extraordinary life or try to squash her desires.
Life Is Fair was born, and in two years, I used every free moment I had to bring Nora to life. After I sent my children to school, put them to bed, dropped them off at play dates, I sat at the computer and wrote Nora Kaye's story.
The Life-series, as I like to call it, is told in six books, spans over fourteen years, moves forward and backward in time, and also goes sideways to give you alternate viewpoints on her relationships. I hope you will enjoy reading about her life as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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