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Book 1 of the series.

Road Rash

Vincent Benavides has a thriving music career with his band, Mystic Asphalt. They just finished a three-month tour, and their highly anticipated second album, Full Throttle, will soon be released. To celebrate their success, Ivan, the band’s bass player, is throwing a massive party with women, booze, and drugs.


But Vincent is falling apart. He’s done with the band, tired of arguing with Ivan, and most of all, he hates the man he sees in the mirror: a man haunted by his unfulfilled dreams and plagued by visions of a fateful night three years ago. Pushed over the edge, he stumbles into the cold night and flees to Birch Creek.


While he tries to find his footing and contemplates his future in music, he also relives the best and worst moments he shared with Nora, the unforgiving woman who still holds his heart.

Now, he must confront the man he’s become, dig deep to find his true passion, and decide which path to take. And he better do it fast because people are counting on him, and Ivan is calling relentlessly, pressuring Vincent to return to the studio to finish Full Throttle.


But can Vincent go back to being the singer of the band he blames for destroying his marriage?


Road Rash is the first book/prequel in the Life Series.

If you loved Daisy Jones and the Six, you’ll love this wild, bittersweet, and reflective ride with Road Rash.


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Book 2 of the series.

Life Is Fair

     Nora Kaye wants to be a successful painter yet she spends her days in an office doing a job she hates. Her nights are filled with one-night stands and meaningless sex. She's a dreamer but can't get her act together because her head is stuck in a past filled with heartache and pain.

     When Thanksgiving rolls around and her sister, Delia, invites her to the big feast with the family she hasn't seen in a year. Nora doesn't want to go but can't resist a homemade vegan roast.

To shake up her life further, her ex-husband, Vincent, who cheated on her five years ago comes knocking on her door. He's full of charm and apologies and begs her for another chance.

     While Nora spends time with her family and the smooth and charming Vincent, she soon realizes that her painful past still affects every decision she makes today, and if she wants the happy future she's been dreaming of for so long, she must decide which relationships are worth mending and whom she has to cut from her life forever.

     Will she once again run from her problems, or will she finally deal with her past so she can move forward and find happiness?


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The author has so perfectly captured the struggles of adult women rarely discussed in society. Our ex-whatevers, complex mother-daughter relationships, and the importance of orgasms. You may see something of yourself in Nora. You will definitely understand women and relationships better.

And the story is not one of those grab your ankles for everyone in your life stories. A strong female character with a spine is a nice change from trendy fiction these days. This book has staying power.

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Praise & Reviews

Engaging and tear provokingly poignant. Forget what you are doing, read this book

KD Angle-Traegner founder

I thought this was a great read! I couldn't wait to turn the page to see what Nora would do or SAY next! It is written in such a real way that she could be your sister, your best friend or you! Loved it!

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About Marion Raby

Marion Raby was born in Austria. At the age of eighteen, she moved to California, where she lived, learned, and studied art. After marrying the grand love of her life and giving birth to two amazingly brilliant children, the family—along with one soul cat—moved to Austria, where she began to write the Life series.

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