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Book 2 of the Life series.

A Ruby-Colored Life

All Nora has ever wanted was to find love, glorious love,

and to be part of a family that accepts her as she is—a vegan artist who doesn’t fit the norm.


Four years after Life is Fair, Nora’s life is rich with possibilities.

The once-hated, cheating ex-husband is now her best friend and closest confidant.

Her relationship with her distant father has improved.

And with a new man by her side, she is surrounded by her tribe.


But the balance of her newfound, grown-up life is disrupted by a death in the family,

an unforgettable road trip with a dozen dogs, an unexpected proposal, and an unsettling dinner with her relatives.


These twists plant seeds of doubt in Nora’s mind and force her to question if the life she has always dreamed of is indeed the future she truly desires?


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The author has so perfectly captured the struggles of adult women rarely discussed in society. Our ex-whatevers, complex mother-daughter relationships, and the importance of orgasms. You may see something of yourself in Nora. You will definitely understand women and relationships better.

And the story is not one of those grab your ankles for everyone in your life stories. A strong female character with a spine is a nice change from trendy fiction these days. This book has staying power.

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Praise & Reviews

Life is Fair

Engaging and tear provokingly poignant. Forget what you are doing, read this book

KD Angle-Traegner founder

I thought this was a great read! I couldn't wait to turn the page to see what Nora would do or SAY next! It is written in such a real way that she could be your sister, your best friend or you! Loved it!

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About Marion Raby

Marion Raby was born in Austria. At the age of eighteen, she moved to California, where she lived, learned, and studied art. After marrying the grand love of her life and giving birth to two amazingly brilliant children, the family—along with one soul cat—moved to Austria, where she began to write the Life series.

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