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Updated: Feb 10, 2022

I'm a writer and story teller. I am not computer literate, or tech savvy, therefore I am very proud of creating this little place where you can come to learn more about my books.

My journey as a self-published author began fifteen years ago. Back then, I had an idea for a novel, and my only goal was to bring that idea out of its hazy, ethereal existence in my mind onto the paper. After finishing my first novel, I believed in the story so much I wanted to publish it.

Fifteen years have passed, and I've written seven books. I've published the first book in my Life series, and I have another series in the works. I no longer see writing as a hobby I pursue while my children sleep. Writing has become so much more. It defines me, fills my life with purpose, and it is as essential to my well-being as breathing.

Tell a five-year-old that life isn’t fair, and he will stomp his feet, insisting that yes, life is, most certainly, fair. Tell him again that it isn’t, and he will drop to the floor with his limbs flailing every which way, and he will cry hysterically, screaming at you that life is fair. It is, it is, it absolutely is fair. I think we all want to be five-year-old kids and believe that, in the end, it will all even out. The villains will get their comeuppance, and the tortured heroes will receive their well-deserved reward of uninterrupted bliss. Unfortunately, life isn't fair.” Nora Kaye, Life is Fair

This year, I hope to re-publish Life is Fair and send at least two more books of the Life series out into the great big world of literature. I am so excited!

In this blog, I hope to share sample chapters, updates on the release dates, and pictures of my cats with you. Because what good is a blog without pictures of cats?

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