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  • Marion Raby

It's almost here!

I'm thrilled to tell you the next book in the Life Series is almost ready. If you've read Life is Fair, here's a clue for you as to the story.

In 2019, I was working on Book 2 in the Life Series, and I had trouble with a pivotal chapter in which two main characters have a long conversation about the nature of their relationship. While one character’s voice was clear as day, I couldn’t wrap my head around the other person’s motives.

After weeks of failing to write their dialogue, I needed to get to know the man better. I delved into the character’s backstory so I could understand where he was coming from, so I could hear his voice. Little did I know the exercise would turn into another book. A book I’m so proud of.

Stay tuned for more news such as the cover reveal, the title, and the release date. If all goes well, this little gem will be ready for publishing in June.

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